Flakey the robot

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Flakey the robot
Flakey the robot SRI.jpg
Manufacturer SRI International
Year of creation 1985
Derived from Shakey the robot

Flakey the robot was a research robot created at SRI International's Artificial Intelligence Center and was the successor to Shakey the robot.


Most of Flakey's routines were written in Lisp, with some lower-level code written in C.[1] The code maintains a "Local Perceptual Space" that is updated by the sensors and acted on by planning algorithms.[2]


It was about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide, and included 12 sonar sensors, optical wheel encoders, a video camera, and a depth-finding laser.[3]

Research results[edit]

Flakey was used to demonstrate fuzzy logic and goal-oriented behavior - it would take what it knew and work towards one of several goals.[4] At the first AAAI robotics competition in July 1992, Flakey took second place and the University of Michigan's CARMEL took first, above Georgia Tech's "Buzz" and IBM's "TJ2".[1][4]


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