Flatsy doll

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Flatsy Doll
Type posable flat doll
Inventor Hank Kramer
Company Ideal Toy Company
Country United States
Availability 1969–1973
Materials vinyl with interior wires
Features 3 sizes (Mini, Medium, Fashion)

Flatsy Dolls are flat dolls that were made by Ideal Toy Company from 1969 through 1973. Designed by Hank Kramer,[citation needed] Flatsy Dolls were originally marketed to little girls. Like many vintage dolls, Flatsy dolls are now collectors items.


Flatsys have long hair, which goes to the floor, generally in vivid colors (like bright blue, bright yellow, pink, etc.). They are made of soft vinyl with wires inside the limbs, neck, and body, which make them posable. Their faces have sweet, grinning expressions with eyes looking either to the left or to the right.

Each Flatsy has a "theme" and comes with an accessory and a cardboard liner with a picture in keeping with that theme. They also have a plastic clip to hold the doll in place on the liner card, which also detached for play time.

Flats Dolls wear "mod" clothes reflecting the styles of the 1960s. Every Flatsy came with shoes and, in nearly every case, a hat.


Flatsys were made in three sizes:

  • Mini — c. 2-½ inches tall
  • Medium — c. 5 inches tall
  • Fashion — c. 8½ inches tall

The Minis and Mediums are very similar in appearance (except of course for size), while the Fashions are very tall, thin, and have rooted eyelashes.

Markings on a genuine Flatsy[edit]

In order to verify a genuine Flatsy, the Ideal Toy Company branded each one in the back with an oval shape that has the word "Ideal" in it. Below it are the words "©1969 Pat. Pend. Hong Kong." Any variation of this brand indicates a counterfeit or "knock-off". Also, Flatsy's hair is not rooted in the back of head, only on the top.