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Plesná, Fleißenbach
Fleissenbach hartousov.jpg
Plesná near Hartoušov
Countries Czech Republic, Germany
Region Karlovy Vary Region, Saxony
Basin features
River mouth Ohře
50°06′45″N 12°27′51″E / 50.11250°N 12.46417°E / 50.11250; 12.46417Coordinates: 50°06′45″N 12°27′51″E / 50.11250°N 12.46417°E / 50.11250; 12.46417

Fleißenbach (Czech: Plesná) is a river of Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary Region) and Germany (Saxony). It is 29,1 kilometres long and it is a tributary of Ohře. Its source is located in Bohemia, near Horní Paseky, on the southern slope of the Stráž mountain. It crosses the Czech-German border into Germany and then re-enters Czech Republic near Bad Brambach. Its confluence with Ohře lies southwest of Nebanice.

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