Fletch Won

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Fletch Won
GregoryMcDonald FletchWon.jpg
First edition cover
Author Gregory Mcdonald
Country United States
Language English
Series Fletch series
Genre Mystery, Comedy Novel
Publisher Warner Books
Publication date
19 September 1985
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 265 pp
ISBN 0-446-51325-3
OCLC 12052967
Followed by Fletch, Too

Fletch Won is the eighth book in the Fletch series of mystery/comedy novels written by Gregory Mcdonald, and was published in 1985. The story is set before the first seven books in the series, and follows the early days of the title character's journalism career. Fletch scores his first big interview, only to have the subject turn up dead in the newspaper's parking lot. He investigates, beginning his dual profession of journalist and investigator.

A film adaptation of the novel has been in development for some time with a number of different persons attached.

Plot summary[edit]

During what is effectively a prequel[clarification needed], Fletch has only been at the News-Tribune as a junior reporter for a short time and Frank (his editor) is losing respect for his new employee. Frank moves Fletch to a different section of the newspaper more than once, but Fletch continues to cause trouble. When Fletch is to run the story of local lawyer Donald Habeck, who requests an interview in order to announce that he is giving 5 million dollars to a local museum, the lawyer turns up dead in the News-Tribune parking lot.

Unsurprisingly Frank takes Fletch off the story and gives it to an experienced reporter who has been with the paper for years. Fletch is now charged with investigating a whorehouse—which he does. However, he is not about to give up on the Habeck story, the circumstances of which seem mighty suspicious, especially when Fletch starts to suspect that the legal firm Habeck worked for is one of the most crooked firms around.


  • I. M. Fletcher (Fletch) – protagonist
  • Frank Jaffe – Fletch's editor at the paper
  • Donald Habeck – a lawyer, killed in the newspaper parking lot.

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