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Developer(s) Weisang GmbH
Stable release
Operating system Windows
Type Numerical analysis, plotting
License Proprietary
Website www.weisang.com

FlexPro is a software package for analysis and presentation of scientific and technical data, produced by Weisang GmbH. It runs on Microsoft Windows and is available in English, German and Japanese languages. FlexPro has its roots in the test and measurement domain and supports different binary file formats of data acquisition instruments and software.

FlexPro has a built-in programming language, FPScript, which is optimized for data analysis and supports direct operations on non-scalar objects such as vectors and matrices as well as composed data structures like signals, signal series or surfaces. All operations can be executed either graphically (through menus or dialog boxes) or programmatically. Programmatic access is provided through an Automation Object Model and the built-in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Development Environment (VBA).

All data, analyses and presentations are stored in an object database whose size is not limited by the computer's RAM. The structure of the database is similar to a file system on a hard drive. A whole FlexPro database can be stored in one file. Huge datasets[clarification needed] are processed disk-to-disk to prevent memory overruns.

FlexPro provides wizards to create different 2D and 3D graphs as well as tables for data presentation. Typical graphs are line, scatter, bar, contour, waterfall, surface and polar plots.

Data can be analyzed either graphically using cursors in 2D or 3D graphs or mathematically using analysis objects or FPScript formulas. Each analysis object represents one result, e. g. a spectrum of a time series. The underlying algorithm can be parameterized through a property sheet any time. Raw data, analysis objects and presentation objects like graphs, tables and documents form a dynamic network which can be updated after new data has been imported. FlexPro supports time and frequency domain signal analysis, linear and non-linear curve fitting, descriptive and inductive statistics, acoustics, FIR and IIR filtering as well as (Rainflow)-counting.

FlexPro can export publication-quality graphs and reports to a number of file formats, including HTML, JPEG, PNG, and WMF.

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