Flight of the Ibis

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Flight of the Ibis
Directed by Ric Moxley
Produced by G Anthony Joseph
Ria Roebuck Joseph
Dale Brunton
Written by G Anthony Joseph
Ria Roebuck Joseph

G Anthony Joseph
Michael Cherrie
Paul Teurpé
Cauri Jaye

Tricia Lee Kelshall
Music by Sean Bartholomew
Cinematography S Douglas Smith
Release date
Running time
94 min.
Country Trinidad and Tobago
Language English

Flight of the Ibis, originally released as Men of Grey II:Flight of the Ibis and then released in the US as Crackdown is a 1996 Trinidad and Tobago film. It was the second full action feature film shot in Trinidad, preceded only by Men of Grey a low-budget feature that introduced the characters of this film.


Police hero Joe Cameron and his family begin to get threatened from an unknown source. As evidence begins to stack up against Joe for murder and corruption he descends into the Caribbean drug underworld to clear his name. As he goes further and further he finds at the source of his trouble his nemesis, a drug criminal he arrested years before.

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