Florence Caddy

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Florence Caddy
Born 1837
Middlesex, England
Died 1923 aged 86
Devonport, Devon, England
Nationality United Kingdom
Other names Florence Tompson
Known for Writer

Florence Caddy (1837 – 1923) was an English writer.

She was born in Middlesex, England 1837, as Florence Tompson. She married John Turner Caddy in 1857 in London and had five children, John Francis in 1857, Florence in 1863, Arnold in 1866, Hermione Helena in 1869 and Adrian in 1879. Her husband died in 1902 and she died in 1923 at Plymouth.


  • 1877 Household Organisation, Chapman & Hall, London.
  • 1878 Artist and Amateur or the Surface of Life, 3 vols., Chapman & Hall, London.
  • 1881 Lares and Penates: Or the Background of Life, Chatto & Windus, London.
  • 1883 Adrian Bright, 3 vols., Hurst & Blackett, London.
  • 1886 Footsteps of Jeanne d'Arc, Hurst & Blackett, London.
  • 1887 Through the Fields with Linnaeus; a Chapter in Swedish History, 2 vols., Longmans, London.
  • 1889 To Siam and Malaya in the Duke of Sutherland's Yacht 'Sans Peur', Hurst & Blackett, London. Republished by OUP in 1992.

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