Florence City Schools

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Florence City Schools
Florence, Alabama
United States
District information
Grades Pre-K12th
Superintendent Janet S. Womack, PhD[1]
Students and staff
Students 4188[2]
Teachers 235[2]
District mascot Falcons
Colors Silver and Blue
Other information
Website Florence City Schools

Florence City Schools is the public school district of the city of Florence, Alabama. As of the 2004–2005 school year it has some 4,188 students and 235 full-time teachers. Florence City Schools offers 14 Advanced Placement courses, 52 career/tech courses, 14 competitive sports with 61 teams, and education from the "cradle to career."[2]

According to 2012 U.S. News Best High Schools, Florence City Schools was ranked #17 out of a total of 370 high schools in the state of Alabama placing them in the top 5% of Alabama schools.[3]

Dr. Janet Womack became the superintendent in July 2010.

Secondary schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Grades 9-12[edit]

  • Florence High School
    • In 2015 Florence High will install a recording studio, to support students who take music classes (including guitar and songwriting) in the "Florence Academy", a program with 118 different classes that 1200 students participate in. The studio is funded in part by a $50,000 private donation.[4]

Middle schools[edit]

Grades 7–8[edit]

  • Florence Middle School

Grades 5–6[edit]

  • Hibbett Middle School

Primary schools[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Forest Hill Elementary School
  • Harlan Elementary School
  • Weeden Elementary Schools


  • Handy HeadStart. (The Handy Headstart program was officially removed as a part of the Florence City School System in October 2013 as part of the federal government shutdown and a lacking of federal funding. The program continues to operate, however.)

Board of Education as of 2012[edit]

Ms. Vicky Kirkman, Mr. Thomas F Wissert, Mrs. Laura Hardeman, Mr. Jim Fisher - Vice President, Mr. Bill Jordan - President, Mrs. MaLeah Chaney

Board as of 2013 Mr. Bill Jordan, President (District 2) Ms. Vickie Kirkman, Vice President (District 1) Mr. Bill Griffin (District 3) Mr. Bill Gullett (District 4) Mrs. Laura Hardeman (District 5) Mr. Brad Dethero (District 6)


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