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Florence Harrison - illustration from "Early Poems" by William Morris

Florence Susan Harrison (1877–1955) was an English Australian Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite illustrator of poetry and children's books. Many of her books were published by Blackie and Son. She illustrated books by notable Pre-Raphaelite circle poets Christina Rossetti, William Morris and Sir Alfred Tennyson.

Harrison has often been confused with Emma Florence Harrison, an English artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1887.[1][2]


Florence Harrison was born in Brisbane, Australia, in 1877 to Lucy and Norwood Harrison. From 1922, she lived in the London area. Around 1940 she moved to Brighton, England, to live with her cousin Isobel. She remained there until her death in 1955.[3]


Illustration from Early poems of William Morris, 1914
  • "Rhymes and Reasons" 1905
  • "The Rhyme of a Run" 1907
  • "Rhyme of a Farm"
  • "In the Fairy Ring" 1908
  • "Goblin Market, and other Poems" by Christina Rossetti 1910
  • "Guinevere and other poems" by Alfred Tennyson 1912
  • "Elfin Song" 1912
  • "Early Poems" by William Morris 1914
  • "Three Silver Pennies by Dorothy King 1914
  • "Tales in Rhyme and Colour" (re-packaged edition of Rhyme of a Run) 1916
  • "Tinkler Johnny" by A. Herbertson 1916
  • "Poems" by Samuel Ferguson 1916
  • "The Man in the Moon" (re-packaged last 5 stories from In the Fairy Ring) 1917
  • "The Pixy Book" (re-packaged first 4 stories from In the Fairy Ring) 1917-1918
  • "The House of Bricks" by Agnes Grozier Herbertson 1918
  • "Godmother's Garden" by Netta Syrett 1918
  • "Blackie's Children's Diary" 1921
  • "Beautiful Poems" series of shorter versions (8 color plates each) of older works published in 1923 by Black:
  • "The Fairy Kites" by Ethel K. Crawford 1927
  • "Mopsa the Fairy" by Jean Ingelow 1932
  • "The Magic Duck and Other Stories" by Dorothy King 1939

Other works attributed to her but probably done by Emma Florence Harrison or another artist with the same name:

  • "Light of Love" published by Arthur L. Humphreys 1908
  • A series of Fairy Postcards printed by Vivian Mansell & Co. Ltd. 1932

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