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Florian Ungler (died 1536[1] in Kraków) and Kasper Hochfeder were printers from Bavaria[2] that after 1510 became pioneers of printing and publishing in Polish language.

  • 1512 Introductio in Ptolomei Cosmographiam,[3] with maps of America
  • 1513 Biernat of Lublin's Raj dusny or Hortulus Animae ((Garden of the Soul), considered the first book printed entirely in Polish.[4][5]
  • 1514 Orthographia seu modus recte scribendi et legendi Polonicum idioma quam utilissimus, the first Grammar of Polish language

After having published about 80 works of high quality, he had to close his shop, working for his competitor Johann Haller for some time. From 1521 onwards, he worked again in a new shop of his own, publishing 160 works until his death in 1536, after which his wife Helena continued until 1551.

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