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Floriane Chinsky
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SynagogueMJLF in eastern Paris
YeshivaSchechter Institute of Jewish Studies
OrganisationLiberal Jewish Movement of France

Floriane Chinsky (born 1974 in Paris, France) is the first female rabbi in Belgium.

In 2005, she was ordained as a rabbi at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem; the same year she received a Ph.D. in sociology of law, with a thesis studying the social representations[1] of Jewish law in France.[2] She became Belgium's first female rabbi in 2005, at Beth Hillel, BrusselsReform congregation.[3] In 2010, she became the rabbi at the Masorti congregation, Neve Shalom, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye,[4] and in 2013, became a rabbi at the Liberal Jewish Movement of France in Paris.[5][6] She is the third woman to become a rabbi in France.[7]

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Floriane Chinsky


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