Fly-by-Night (Peyton novel)

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Fly-by-Night is a children's novel by K. M. Peyton originally published by Oxford University Press in October 1968.

It is about an 11-year-old girl, Ruth Hollis, who buys a pony called Fly for £40 from a dealer. The low price reflects his lack of training. She expands his name to Fly-by-Night and attempts to train him herself without much success. She then joins a pony club to learn more about horses. A rivalry develops between Ruth and another girl, Pearl, who owns a pedigree Arabian mare named Milky Way. Ruth gets help from Peter, a runaway boy with lots of experience with horses. Ruth and Fly-by-Night compete in the hunter trials and come in sixth.

Fidra Books is currently publishing Fly-By-Night, with the sequel, The Team, expected in the future.