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Focal point may refer to:

  • Focus (optics), the point at which initially collimated rays of light meet after passing through a convex lens, or reflecting from a concave mirror
  • In Fine art, a Focal Point focuses specifically on a point of interest which makes a canvas unique. (e.g. Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer)
  • In mathematics:
  • In an antenna (electronics):
    • The driven element, directly connected to the transmission line or source
    • The passive radiator, a conductive element which is not electrically connected to anything else
  • Focal point (game theory), an equilibrium more likely to be chosen by the players because it seems special, natural or relevant to them
  • In computer programs, Telelogic Focal Point is a configurable Web-based decision support platform for requirements management, product management and project portfolio management.
  • Focal Point (album), a 1976 studio album by McCoy Tyner
  • Focal Point, an imprint of National Geographic
  • In business, the person or organization responsible for the coordination of activities and tasks among several groups or networks
  • Among science fiction fanzines, a fanzine which in its era was central to the fannish culture of the day
  • In IT service management, the person or entity responsible for coordinating service delivery and acting as an escalation point for service delivery failures
  • In computer software category, FocalPoint (software), is a project administration and timesheet registration software by The Access Group.
  • Focal Point, a hardcore punk band from the 1990s featuring Ryan Clark
  • The publishing house of controversial historian David Irving

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