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Foil may refer to:


  • Foil (metal), a quite thin sheet of metal, usually manufactured with a rolling mill machine
  • Metal leaf, a very thin sheet of decorative metal
  • Aluminium foil, a type of wrapping for food
  • Tin foil, metal foil made of tin, the direct predecessor to aluminium foil
  • Transparency (projection), a thin sheet of transparent flexible material, placed on an overhead projector for display to an audience

Fluid dynamics[edit]

Arts and culture[edit]


  • Hydrofoil, a type of high-powered motorboat that uses underwater foils to lift its hull above the water when moving at high speeds
  • Bruce foil, a foil used on an outrigger to prevent a boat from heeling
  • Centreboard, a movable keel that functions as a foil
  • Foilboard, a surfboard using a hydrofoil

Other uses[edit]