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Fonce V. (Jack) Haney (March 10, 1889 – March 26, 1935) was a native of St. Catharines, Ontario. In 1912, he was the driver/mechanic of the Reo Motor Company sedan that travelled 4,176 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Vancouver, British Columbia. The journey, undertaken with journalist Thomas W. Wilby, took 52 days and was the first trans-Canada trip made by an automobile.[1] Haney was required to make numerous repairs en route.

The trip garnered considerable press coverage in Canada, especially because the Reo special touring car had been built in St. Catharines.

Haney settled in St. Catharines after the trip. He married Annie Glendinning Swan in St. Catharines, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada on 23 May 1914 and opened his own garage in the city. He was also involved with the Canadian Flying Club, established in 1928.


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