Fontaine (singer)

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Birth name Fontaine Weyman
Born May 7, 1979
Origin Aix en Provence, France
Genres Americana/Indie/Electronica
Instruments Vocals, guitar

Fontaine Weyman, better known as Fontaine, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and photographer in the Los Angeles, California, area. Born May 7, 1979, in France, she was raised in South Carolina. She has shared a stage with Paula Cole, performed at Lilith Fair, and provided back-up vocals for Rob Zombie, and Josh Brown. In 2006, she self-released her debut album, The Chemistry Between Us. The track "Long Way Home" is featured in the film All In, starring Michael Madsen, Dominique Swain and Louis Gosset Jr. Tracks "Paris, Texas" and "Beachwood" have been recognized by We Are Listening, an artist development group based in London. The track "Running on Empty" was used as background music in a scene of the Fx network television show Justified(Season 5, episode 3).

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