Food Service Solutions

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Food Service Solutions, Inc.
Industry Software
Founded 1989
Founder Mitch Johns, President, CEO
Headquarters Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
Key people
David Pisanick, Vice-President, COO
Products FSS POSitive ID, BioWedge, SecureID

Food Service Solutions, Inc is a software development company based out of Altoona, Pennsylvania that successfully designed and implemented biometrics into a lunchline.[1]

Founded in 1989, FSS uses biometric scanning technology to provide services for educational and institutional foodservice providers. The company has established a position of market leadership [1] addressing two problems in school-based foodservice operations. The first is that school children eligible for free or reduce-fee lunches through government assistance programs often fail to participate because of the perceived social stigma associated with showing a special card or meal ticket in front of other students. The second is that in the foodservice POS industry, software has historically been proprietary, cumbersome for clients to self-administer, and difficult to integrate with other technologies.

FSS also has a webservice, where parents can view what their child has been eating, what their lunch account balance is and also make payments with their credit card or checking/savings account.[2]


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