For Every Man

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For the Jackson Browne album, see For Everyman.
For Every Man
For Every Man.jpg
Studio album by Steve Camp
Released 1981
Recorded 1981
Genre Christian music, Rock
Label Myrrh Records
Producer Neal Joseph, Keith Thomas
Steve Camp chronology
Start Believing (1980) For Every Man (1981) Only the Very Best


For Every Man is the third Contemporary Christian Music album by Steve Camp. It was released by Myrrh Records in 1981.[1] This album introduced what would become one of Camp's best known songs, "Run to the Battle".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Jesus on Our Side"
  2. "Gimme What it Takes"
  3. "Farther and Higher"
  4. "Jesus Drawing Me"
  5. "The Net of Peter"
  6. "Thank You"
  7. "The Only Story (Written in My Life)"
  8. "You Just Talk to Me"
  9. "Run to the Battle"
  10. "Back in the Furnace"
  11. "For Every Man"

Note: Never released to CD


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