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The Forbes family includes a number of related people that founded, and have worked for, Forbes magazine. Noted members include:

  • Bertie Charles Forbes, a.k.a. B.C. Forbes (1880–1954), the founder of the magazine
    • Bruce Charles Forbes (1916–1964), eldest son of B.C. Forbes
    • Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (1919–1990), son and successor of B.C. Forbes
      • Steve Forbes a.k.a. Malcolm Forbes Jr. (b, 1947), son of Malcolm Forbes, current Editor-in-Chief and former Chairman, President, and CEO of the company
      • Christopher Forbes (b. 1950), son of Malcolm Forbes, former Vice Chairman and a Vice Chancellor of the American Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
      • Robert Forbes, son of Malcolm Forbes
      • Tim Forbes, son of Malcolm Forbes and former president and chief operating officer