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This article is about the Soviet and North Korean publishers. For similarly-named publisher in China, see Foreign Languages Press.

The name Foreign Languages Publishing House was given to two government-based publishing houses: a now-defunct publisher located in the former Soviet Union, and a currently existing one located in North Korea.

Moscow Foreign Languages Publishing House[edit]

The Foreign Languages Publishing House was a state run publisher in the Soviet Union that published Russian literature, novels, propaganda, and books about the USSR in foreign languages.[1] These included works by Lenin and Stalin.[1] It was headquartered at 21 Zubovsky Boulevard.

Pyongyang Foreign Languages Publishing House[edit]

The Foreign Languages Publishing House is the central DPRK publishing bureau of foreign-language documents, located in the Potonggang District of Pyongyang, North Korea.[2] It employs a small group of foreigners to revise translations of North Korean texts so as to make those texts suitable for foreign-language publication.


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  • Progress Publishers, another Soviet era printing house which published books and pamphlets in English on a wide range of topics.