Forgotten Sunrise

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Forgotten Sunrise
Background information
Origin Tallinn, Estonia
Genres Industrial, deathbeat, experimental
Years active 1992–present
Members Anders Melts
Kadri Sammel
Past members Gerty Villo
Pavel Torpan
Ragnar Kivi
Ott Evestus
Margus "George" Aro
Andrus Valtenberg
Jan Talts
Keijo Koppel
Margus "Kusti" Gustavson
Meelis Looveer
Renno Süvaoja
Riivo Torstenberg
Tiiu Kiik
Tarvo Valm
Andrey Voinov

Forgotten Sunrise is an Estonian industrial/deathbeat band founded in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Their sound has been compared to a mixture of Dead Can Dance, David Lynch, Katatonia, Celtic Frost and Clock DVA.[1]



Forgotten Sunrise was formed in summer 1992 as the result of a common interest of Anders Melts and Jan Talts to make death metal in Estonia. Two friends with previous experiences, Margus Gustavson and Tarvo Valm, joined the yet unnamed band. After six months and having their first songs, in 1993 a quality demo “Behind The Abysmal Sky” was recorded. A few months later a contract with a Finnish label, Rising Realm Records, was signed and by the end of the year the “Forever Sleeping Greystones” mini-CD had been recorded. The minialbum was released at the end of 1994. The band attracted a great deal of attention and played concerts until differences caused the drummer and the guitarist to leave the band.


With Renno Süvaoja and Tiiu Kiik joining the group, computers were now a part of the process of making the music. In the meantime the band's style had progressed and, in 1996, Forgotten Sunrise basiacally started from the beginning. A period of studies and experimenting followed until Forgotten Sunrise was again ready for stage.

In 1997, they appeared with a new sound. Though old atmospheric death metal was mixed with trip hop, techno, folk and drum'n'bass merged with shoegaze and indie-pop, the dreary grim atmosphere and severe message were still intact. With the style the group itself called Deathbeat, the first promotional CD was out in 1999 and a self-released mini-album “a.Nimal f.Lesh" in 2000.


Forgotten Sunrise signed a two album contract with the Italian label, My Kingdom Music. The first album, Ru:mipu:dus, was released in January 2004 and before that a full-length single “Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me” was given out. The album received positive reviews. In 2005, the track “Never(k)now” was given out as a promotional single.

The second album, Willand, was recorded in fall 2005 and was released in spring 2007.

In 2006, Gerty Villo joined the band with keyboards and female vocals. In 2007, Pavel Torpan joined with guitars and Different Knots of Ropelove, a 12 track remix CD (including remixes by Alec Empire, Pehr Herb, Darkmen etc.), was released.


A full-length CD-single, "The Moments When God Was Wrong", was self-released and the demo tape "Behind The Abysmal Sky" with a mini-CD "Forever Sleeping Greystones" with 7 live bonus tracks was re-released on CD.


Ragnar Kivi joined the band with electronic drums.


Present members
  • Anders "Kuratino" Melts - vocals, bass, percussions, programming
  • Kadri Sammel - keyboards, vocals, bass, programming, visuals
Former members
  • Gerty Villo – keyboards, female vocals
  • Pavel Torpan – guitars
  • Ragnar Kivi - electronic drums
  • Andrey Voinov – bass guitar
  • Ott Evestus – drums
  • Margus "George" Aro – keyboards
  • Andrus Valtenberg – electronic instruments
  • Jan Talts – bass guitar
  • Keijo Koppel – guitar
  • Margus "Kusti" Gustavson – guitar
  • Meelis Looveer – programming
  • Renno Süvaoja – guitar
  • Riivo Torstenberg – bass guitar
  • Tarvo Valm – drums
  • Tiiu Kiik – female vocals, keyboards


  • Behind The Abysmal Sky (1993) demo tape
  • Forever Sleeping Greystones (1994) mini-CD
  • Forgotten Sunrise (1999) mini-CD
  • a.Nimal f.Lesh – Looma Liha (2000) mini-CD
  • Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me (2003) full-length single
  • Ru:mipu:dus (2004) album
  • Never(k)now (2005) single
  • Willand (2007) album
  • Different Knots of Ropelove (2007) full-length single
  • Behind The Abysmal Sky / Forever Sleeping Greystones (2009) re-release
  • The Moments When God Was Wrong (2009) full-length single
  • Time Flies - Rare and Unreleased 1992-2012 (2012) compilation
  • Cretinism (2013) album
  • Guardian Curtains (2016) single


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