Fort Patiko

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Fort Patiko
Fort Patiko walls.jpg
Walls of Fort Patiko grain stores
Fort Patiko is located in Uganda
Fort Patiko
Fort Patiko
Coordinates 3°00′57″N 32°19′03″E / 3.015834°N 32.317625°E / 3.015834; 32.317625
Site information
Owner public
Open to
the public
Condition ruined
Site history
Built 1872 (1872)
Built by Samuel Baker
Materials stone

Fort Patiko, also known as Baker's Fort, was a military fort built by Samuel Baker in Patiko, Uganda.

Construction of the fort was completed on December 25, 1872.[1]

After Baker left in 1888, the fort was used by Emin Pasha and Charles Gordon while they served as Governor of the Equatorial Province of the British Uganda Protectorate. A plaque on the remaining wall of a grain storage building in the center of the fort reads “Fatiko 1872 -88, founded by Sir Samuel Baker, occupied by Emin and Gordon” (sic). [2]

Ruins of the fort remain in Ajulu parish, Patiko sub-county, Aswa County, Gulu district. The site is open to the public subject to a fee levied by the subcounty.[3]



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