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Michael Greene aka Fort Romeau is an electronic music producer and DJ from the United Kingdom.

Born in Chester, Greene grew up in Oxfordshire and went on to study Music and Visual Art in Brighton. After graduating he moved to London and joined electro-pop duo La Roux as part of their touring band.[1][2]

Fort Romeau , has been busy since its debut in 2012, "Kingdoms", throwing EP on labels like Running Back and Live At Robert Johnson, in addition to songs on compilations Rush Hour, Cocoon, Correspondent and Mule Musiq.

His second LP 2015, "Insides" released by Ghostly International, was inspired by an eclectic mix of house, kraut, ambient and techno, and showed further development of its unique interpretation of music dance floor. We can see it live at the Parc del Forum within the DGTL Festival.

His love for music and collecting disks back much further. As a child his father, an avid collector of vinyl records on their trips to fairs and sales records concoctions, he joined digging all weekends from 8 years. And it was quite natural that the collector became the DJ and listener became the musician.

In 2012 Greene left La Roux and released his debut album Kingdoms on US label 100% Silk.[3][4][5]

In 2013 he signed with Ghostly International and released his sophomoric LP Insides in 2015, an eclectic mixture of house, kraut, ambient and techno.[6][7][8][9][10]

Greene has released several EPs on labels such as Running Back and Live at Robert Johnson as well as having tracks featured on compilations from Rush Hour and Mule Musiq.

In 2015 Greene and Ali Tillett set up record label Cin Cin, putting out a diverse range of split EPs from new and established artists alike, including Nick Höppner, Ripperton and Todd Osbourne.[11]

Greene has also released an EP with Massimiliano Pagliara under the name The Violet Hour, on Cocktail D'Amore.[12]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Kingdoms (2012, 100% Silk)
  • Insides (2015, Ghostly International)
  • Heaven & Earth (2019, Permanent Vacation)


  • Stay True (2013, Ghostly International)
  • Fairlights (2015, Running Back)
  • Fort Romeau Frankfurt Versions (2015, Ghostly International)
  • Untitled/ Splicing Fort Romeau & Nick Höppner (2015, Cin Cin)
  • Purify/ Korgs Bézier & Fort Romeau (2016, Cin Cin)


  • SW9 (2013, Ghostly International)
  • Jetée/ Desire (2013, Ghostly International)
  • Her Dream (2014, Live at Robert Johnson)
  • Secrets & Lies (2016, Live at Robert Johnson)
  • Reasons (2017, self-released)


  • Musik For Autobahns 2 (2015, Rush Hour)
  • Correspondant Compilation 05 (2017, Correspondent Music)
  • Lifesaver compilation (2017, Live at Robert Johnson)
  • The Sound of Café Del Mar (2017, Café del Mar Music)
  • Cocoon Compilation Q (2017, Cocoon)


  • Deliverance, RY X (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • "Something Good", Alt J (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • "Through the Yard", Kauf (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • "Time Eater", Gold Panda (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • "Feeling's Gone", Beacon (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Go Back (Feat. Damon Albarn), Tony Allen (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Conversations, Woman's Hour (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • The Fall, Frankie Rosie (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Free Your Mind, Cut Copy (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • ByBy, Lauer (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • No Excuse, Jacques Greene (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Community, Gold Panda (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Need Your Love, The Temper Trap (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Head, Pend Mason (Fort Romeau Remix)
  • Perspective, Adana Twins (Fort Romeau Remix)


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