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Fortune may refer to:

  • Luck, a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a person's controls
  • Wealth, an abundance of items of economic value
  • Fortune, a prediction made in fortune-telling
  • Fortune, a printed slip of text contained in a fortune cookie



  • Fortune (1799 ship) was a Dutch vessel, taken in prize c.1799. She became a merchantman that sailed between Liverpool and Denmark–Norway, or Bremen. She made one voyage as a whaler to Greenland, and was lost in 1803.
  • Fortune (1800 ship) (or La Fortune) was a French privateer launched at Bordeaux in 1800 and taken that same year. She became a British privateer. She then made two voyages as a slave ship. After the end of the British slave trade Fortune continued to trade with Africa and with South America. She was last listed in 1816.
  • Fortune (1805 ship) was a Spanish-built British ship that twice transported convicts to New South Wales
  • Fortune (Plymouth Colony ship), a ship that brought settlers to Plymouth Colony
  • HMS Fortune, a list of ships named HMS Fortune, including:
  • HMCS Fortune (MCB 151), a Canadian minesweeper
  • USS Fortune (1865), a US Navy tugboat
  • USS Fortune (IX-146), a US Navy cargo ship


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