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Foundation For Children (FFC) - non-profit and non-governmental organization helping children in Thailand. Founded in 1978 and based in Bangkok.

In 2006, the Foundation For Children with support of the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) established a Casa Herbalife program serving homeless and underprivileged children in Bangkok.[1]

Official objectives[edit]

  • To provide opportunities for underprivileged and homeless children to fully develop their physical, intellectual and creative potentials.
  • To seek healthy alternatives in education and child-rearing in which the dignity of children is upheld and their opinions considered.
  • To assist and cooperate with the individuals and organizations working for children's education and welfare.
  • To bridge the differences between children and older generations, so those children may be recognized and treated as worthy and equal members of society.
  • To protect children who are abused and neglected, and to restore their family relationships.
  • To campaign for public awareness on children's rights.


  • Nutrition help for malnourished children.
  • Defence of children rights, through the work of the Center for the Protection of Children's Rights.
  • Preventing child prostitution, by the Center for the Protection of Children's Rights.
  • Alternative Education, the Children's Village School[2] (Moo Baan Dek[3]).
  • Creative media for children, through the FFC Publishing House.
  • Promotion of family roles in the prevention of child abuse.


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