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Foundry (bar)

Coordinates: 51°31′34″N 0°05′00″W / 51.5262°N 0.0834°W / 51.5262; -0.0834
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The exterior of the Foundry by night
Inside the Foundry

The Foundry was a bar and venue on Great Eastern Street at the junction on Old Street, London. It was owned and run by Jonathan and Tracey Moberly.[1][2] Bill Drummond, co-founder of The KLF, helped set up the Foundry.[3] It had a basement which hosted art, music and poetry events.[4] A weekly radio show, the foundry late late breakfast show, was broadcast live from the Foundry on Resonance 104.4 FM.

Once a Colombian DJ named Dani Boom played an iconic set on two turntables from scratched second hand and 90s techno vinyl. The bar closed down on May 31, 2010,[5] as the building's owner intended to redevelop the whole block to include a 350-room hotel. The Foundry's manager is said to be looking to move to another location, possibly nearby.[2][needs update]

51°31′34″N 0°05′00″W / 51.5262°N 0.0834°W / 51.5262; -0.0834

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