Four More from Toyah

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Four More from Toyah
Toyah Four more from.jpg
EP by Toyah
Released October, 1981
Genre New wave
Label Safari
Producer Nick Tauber
Toyah chronology
"Sphinx/For You"
"Four More From Toyah"
"Brave New World (single)"

"Four More From Toyah" was the ninth UK single, and third EP by the band Toyah, fronted by Toyah Willcox, and was released at the end of 1981.

The lead track on the release, "Good Morning Universe", was not included on an album at the time, nor were the other three tracks on the EP. The first 100,000 pressings of the single also came with a free flexidisc, containing a fifth exclusive track, "Stand Proud". This collectability helped the single reach Number 14 in the UK Singles Charts.

Two tracks from the single, "Good Morning Universe" and "In the Fairground" were eventually included on the 1999 reissue of The Changeling, and "The Furious Futures" and "Stand Proud" was included on the 1998 compilation Proud, Loud & Heard: The Best Of Toyah. Another 1998 compilation, Toyah! Live & More, featured "Urban Tribesmen". Finally, all tracks from the release, bar "Stand Proud" feature on the 2005 compilation The Safari Singles Collection Part 2: 1981-1983.

Track listing[edit]

7" Vinyl[edit]

Side A

  1. "Good Morning Universe" (Willcox, Bogen)
  2. "Urban Tribesmen" (Willcox, Bogen, Spalding, Lee, Phillips)

Side B

  1. "In the Fairground" (Willcox, Bogen)
  2. "The Furious Futures" (Willcox, Bogen, Spalding)

Bonus Flexidisc[edit]

Side A

  1. "Stand Proud" (Willcox)

Catalogue Number: TOY2 Flexidisc Catalogue Number: FLX 215

Produced by Nick Tauber. Published by Sweet 'n' Sour Songs Ltd.

All sides of the release, including the flexidisc, ran at 33RPM.

12" vinyl editions of this EP were released in Europe, featuring the same four tracks, with a playing speed of 45RPM.


  • Toyah Willcox : vocals
  • Joel Bogen : guitar
  • Phil Spalding : bass
  • Adrian Lee : keyboards
  • Simon Phillips : drums