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Four-ball (and variant spellings four ball, fourball, 4 ball, 4-ball, etc.) may refer to:

  • 4 ball, the pool (pocket billiards) ball numbered "4", and traditionally colored purple but pink in some ball sets
  • 4 ball, the brown snooker ball, worth 4 points, normally referred to as "the brown"
  • Four-ball billiards, a carom billiards game played in variations around the world
  • Cowboy pool, sometimes referred to as American four-ball pool or four-ball for short
  • Four-ball golf (a.k.a. best ball, or better ball), a type of golf match used in match-play competitions
  • 4-ball, a four-dimensional n-ball in mathematics
  • Fourball, an Italian sport[1]


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