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Frágil in 2007
Background information
Origin Lima, Perú
Genres Progressive rock, symphonic rock, hard rock
Years active 1970–present
Website (defunct)
Members César Bustamante
Octavio Castillo
Andrés Dulude
Jorge Duránd
Luis Valderrama

Frágil is a Peruvian rock band. Named after an eponymous Yes album ("Fragile"), Frágil is one of the most respected rock bands in Perú. Fragil started as a symphonic progressive/hard rock band influenced by the likes of Yes, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Rainbow . They earned local fame through their hit single "Av. Larco"(Ave. Larco) in the early 80's. Frágil has a cult status in Peru usually selling out all of their concerts.

Band members[edit]

  • César Bustamante: (Rickenbacker 4001S Bass guitar, 12-string guitar, Peruvian Percussion, Piano, Synthesisers, Korg MS-20, Organ, Mellotron, Arp OMNI, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and Backing Vocals)
  • Octavio Castillo: Keyboards (Korg MS-20, Ensoniq, Arp OMNI, Piano, Hammond B3), Flute, Bass, Steel guitar, Mandolin, Quena, Ocarina, Peruvian Percussion and Backing Vocals)
  • Andrés Dulude: (Vocals, 12 and 6-string Guitars, Acoustic Guitar)
  • Jorge Duránd: (Yamaha Drumset, Percussion, Peruvian Percussion and Backing Vocals)
  • Luis Valderrama: (Gibson LesPaul Guitar, Mandolin)

Former members and freelancers[edit]

  • Jose Eduardo Coello (Drums, Percussion) (1970–1972)
  • Arturo Creamer (Drums 1978-1983)- 1 album recorded
  • Harry Antón (Drums 1972-1978 and 1984–1985)- 1 single recorded
  • Armando Pattroni (Drums 1986, 2010)
  • Luis Salazar (Guitars 1984-1985)
  • Giuliana Villanueva (Lead Vocals 1985-1986)
  • Franjo Antich (Vocals 1982)
  • Piñín Folgado (Vocals 1984-1985)- 1 single recorded
  • Jorge Pardo (Vocals 1994-1995)
  • Santino de la Torre (Vocals 1996-1998)- 1 album recorded


  • Av. Larco (Arturo Creamer / Drums and Percussion) (1980)
  • La nave blanca / Alrededor - 45 RPM single - (Piñín Folgado, Vocals / Harry Antón, Drums)
  • Serranio (1989)
  • Frágil (Compilation) (1990) Remastered (2007)
  • Cuento Real (1992) Remastered (2007)
  • Alunado (Santino de la Torre / Vocals) (1995)
  • Sorpresa del Tiempo (Live with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lima) (2003)

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