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Song by Jars of Clay from the album Much Afraid
Recorded 1997
Genre Christian
Length 6:57
Label Essential
Writer(s) Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Matt Odmark, Charlie Lowell.
Producer(s) Steve Lipson[1]
Much Afraid track listing
"Crazy Times"
"Five Candles (You Were There)"

"Frail" is a song written and performed by Christian alternative folk rock group Jars of Clay. It has appeared on many recordings by the group and lends its name to the group's debut demo release, Frail, from 1994. The song has been released on four of the group's recordings; however, it has never been released as a single.


"Frail" was initially the college submission entry for Stephen Mason, guitarist for Jars Of Clay. When written by Mason, the song was purely instrumental. After creating the group with singer Dan Haseltine and pianist Charlie Lowell, Mason put forward the song to the group. The song, still an instrumental, was then re-recorded for the group's demo, Frail, in 1994, and it was chosen as the demo's title track.

In 1995, the group recorded their highly successful debut full-length studio album, the eponymous Jars of Clay. "Frail" was not chosen to be included on the album; however, like the demo's song "Fade to Grey," the group decided to add it to their next studio album, Much Afraid, in 1997 with a full re-recording. For the re-recording, lyrics were written by the group, which by this time included second guitarist Matt Odmark. This version is considered to be the "standard" version of the song.

In 1999, following the release of the group's third album, If I Left the Zoo, Jars of Clay released a rarities collection named The White Elephant Sessions. This collection included the instrumental version of "Frail" from the Frail demo album.

Most recently, the group re-recorded the song in 2003 for the studio portion of their 2-disc studio/live album Furthermore: From the Studio, From the Stage. Like most of the studio recordings for the album, "Frail" was a re-recorded, rearranged version. However, it was the first to change key: All previous recordings of the song have been in E minor, but this version was transposed to the key of G minor. It also contained a very brief introduction unique to this recording.


This personnel section pertains to the Much Afraid version of the song. The personnel may vary from version to version.

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