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Fram Larvik
Full name Idrettsforeningen Fram
Nickname(s) Fram
Founded 15 January 1894
Ground Fram Stadion
Coach Petter Belsvik
League Second Division
2015 Second Division/ 2, 4th[1]

Idrettsforeningen Fram, better known as Fram Larvik to distinguish it from other sport clubs, is a sports club from Torstrand in Larvik, Norway. It has sections for association football, athletics, handball and speed skating.

General history[edit]

It was found 15 January 1894, and is one of Norway's oldest association football clubs. It is often known as Fram Larvik, mainly to distinguish it from IL Fram from Skatval.


The men's football team currently plays in the Norwegian Second Division, the third tier of the Norwegian football league system.

It played in the Second Division to 1995, but was down to the Fourth Division for a period after relegation in the 1999 Norwegian Third Division campaign. After that, the team was remade to Larvik Fotball, which won several promotions and resided in the Second Division for some years. The cooperation club Larvik Fotball ceased to exist in late 2004, and the 2005 Norwegian Second Division was played as IF Fram, but with abysmal results. After a few seasons back in the Third Division, however, Fram won the league in 2008 and the subsequent playoffs, and has played in the Second Division since.

Notable footballers include Tom Rüsz Jacobsen, Lars Bakkerud, Freddy Ørbeck Jonny Hansen and Sverre Hansen.

The current head coach is Petter Belsvik, who took over after the 2013 season from Tom Helge Jacobsen.[2]


Recent history[edit]

Season Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Cup Notes
2009 2. Divisjon 8 26 10 3 13 47 69 33 First round
2010 2. Divisjon 11 26 9 6 11 45 53 33 First round
2011 2. Divisjon 11 26 7 6 13 34 56 38 First round
2012 2. Divisjon 6 26 10 6 10 39 37 36 First round
2013 2. Divisjon 3 26 14 8 4 62 34 50 First round
2014 2. Divisjon 3 26 15 4 7 52 41 49 Second round


The club also have a handball team, that plays in the First Division,[5] the second highest tier in men's handball. Ole Kristian Strøm is the coach, and they play their matches in Framhallen.

Notable handballers include Eivind Ellingsen, Pål Myrdam, Are Ruud and Tom Bakke.

Speed skating[edit]

Notable speed skaters in Fram include Christine Foldvik, Bjørg Eva Jensen, Tom Erik Oxholm, Roger Strøm, Else Marie Christiansen, Minna Nystedt, Anne Therese Tveter, Bjørn Tveter and Øyvind Tveter.


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