IL Flint

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IL Flint
Full name Idrettslaget Flint
Founded 28 April 1917
Ground Løveid kunstgress,
League Third Division
2011 Third Division/ 4, 6th[1]

Idrettslaget Flint is a Norwegian sports club from Søndre Slagen, Tønsberg, Vestfold. It has sections for association football, team handball, volleyball, table tennis and track and field.

It was founded on 28 April 1917.

The women's handball team have been playing in Postenligaen since 2010, having won the First Division, the second tier, in the 2009–10 season.

On 10 October 2001, the football section cooperated with 19 other teams in the region to form an elite umbrella team, FK Tønsberg.[2] Nonethtless, the men's football team was unaffected by the FK Tønsberg founding. It plays in the Third Division, the fourth tier of Norwegian football.


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