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Portrait of Marie Louis Tetu, 1833–1836, Dallas Museum of Art

François Jacques Fleischbein (1804–1868) was a German painter who lived and worked in New Orleans.


Fleischbein was born in Godramstein, Palatinate, nowadays Germany, in 1804. He studied painting in Paris with Anne-Louis Girodet. In 1833, he and his wife, Marie Louis Tetu, immigrated to cosmopolitan New Orleans, thus joining the community of international painters seeking fame in Louisiana.[1] Although born Franz Joseph, Fleischbein decided to change his name to François in order to fit with his Creole clients of Gallic descent.

His paintings show a French academic style as well as a sweetness and charm common to 19th-century German painting. With the invention of the daguerreotype in 1839, Fleischbein also worked as an early photographer, an enterprise in which his wife took part.[1]



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