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François Pain is a filmmaker based in Paris known for his specializing in films related to experiments in alternative psychiatry.

Life and work[edit]

François Pain is cofounder of the Federation of NonCommercial Free Radios and Radio Tomato[1] and co-produced Unchained Channel (1991) and Chaosmédia (1994).[2]

Pain began his interest in alternative psychiatry when he worked with Félix Guattari in the private clinic of La Borde.[3] Based on this experience of linguistics, schizoanalyse, antipsychiatry and social revolution, he produced the 90-minute-long Monument à Félix Guattari, le film in 1991 in collaboration with Jean-Jacques Lebel. In 1994 the film was installed as part of a large assemblage entitled Monument à Félix Guattari in the Forum of the Centre Pompidou.[4]


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