Françoise Loranger

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Françoise Loranger
Born June 18, 1913
Died April 5, 1995
Nationality Canadian
Spouse(s) Paul Simard(1), Jean Michaud(2)[1]
Parent(s) Joseph-Henri Loranger, Marguerite Lareau[2]

Françoise Loranger (June 18, 1913 – April 5, 1995) was a Canadian playwright, radio producer, theatrical writer and feminist. She was born in Saint-Hilaire.[2][3]


Loranger left school at the age of 15, there being no public education provision in Québec for girls at the time.[1] At the age of 17 she was writing short fiction for the magazine Revue Populaire.[3] She started writing radio scripts in 1938, often collaborating with the poet, novelist and playwright Robert Choquette.[2] In 1949 she published her first novel, Mathieu, which was a success with critics and the public. In the 1950s and 1960s she wrote many TV dramas, notably the series Sous le signe du lion (1961–62).[3] In 1965 she turned her attention to the theatre with the play Une maison … un jour, which toured France and Russia.[3] She won the 1967 Governor General's Awards with Encore cinq minutes in the French "poetry or drama" section.[4]

Loranger died in Montreal.

Selected works[edit]

  • Mathieu (1949)


  • Une maison … un jour (1963)
  • Encore cinq minutes (1966)
  • Double jeu (1967)
  • Le chemin du roy en collaboration avec Claude Levac (1967-1978)
  • Médium saignant (1969)
  • Jour après jour (1971)
  • Un si bel automne (1971)
  • La dame de cent ans (1995)


  • Georges … oh! Georges ou Jour après Jour (1958)
  • La dame de cent ans (1978)
  • Sous le signe du lion (1993)


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