Francesc Xavier Bultó

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Francesc Xavier Bultó
Francesc Xavier Bultó Marquès
A black-and-white photo of a man in a flat cap and sunglasses holding a cigarette.
Bulto in 1963
Born17 May 1912
Died3 August 1998
Known forMotorbikes Montesa and Bultaco

Francesc Xavier Bultó Marquès (Barcelona, 17 May 1912[1] – Barcelona, 3 August 1998),[2] popularly known as Paco Bultó, was a Catalan businessman, founder of Montesa Honda along with Peter Permanyer and Bultaco.[3] He was born into a family of Catalan bourgeoisie dedicated mainly to textiles. He is known as a motorcycle engineer and designer.[4]

In the first company, Permanyer was the businessman and manager, and Bultó had experience of motorcycles. They produced light bikes with two-stroke engines, which outperformed heavier English bikes with four-stroke engines. In 1958 Spanish government demanded some cuts from industry, and Permanyer wanted to abandon the sport bike branch. Bultó coined his famous motto "market follows the chequered flag" and left the company. Together with some former employees he started his own venture called Bultaco. The first model, Bultaco Tralla 101, came to the market 1959. The bikes were manufactured at Bultó family farm, and his children acted as test drivers for all prototypes.[5] Francisco Xavier Bultó died on 5 August 1998, at age 86.


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