Francesco Guerra

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Francesco Guerra
Francesco Guerra
Born (1942-11-10) 10 November 1942 (age 81)
Alma materUniversity of Naples
Known forquantum field theory, spin glass
Scientific career
Fieldsmathematical physics
InstitutionsSapienza Università di Roma
Doctoral studentsFabio Toninelli (2000-03)

Francesco Guerra (born 10 November 1942) is an Italian mathematical physicist, whose main research contributions are in quantum field theory and spin glasses.

Career highlights[edit]

Francesco Guerra received his degree from the University of Naples in 1964. He was Professor of Theoretical Physics in Sapienza Università di Roma since 1979. In 1983 and 1984, he was Director of the Department of Mathematics and, from 1995 to 2001, Director of the Department of Physics.[1]

Francesco Guerra was a plenary speaker at the European Congress of Mathematicians in 2004 and at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics in 2006.[2] [3]


Francesco Guerra is known for his work on quantum field theory and his deep and original contributions to the mathematical theory of spin glasses.[4] With Fabio Toninelli, he proved the existence of the thermodynamic limit of the free energy in the Sherrington–Kirkpatrick model; his discovery of the broken replica symmetry bound lead to the proof of the Parisi formula;[5] and the Ghirlanda-Guerra identities have been shown to explain the emergence of ultrametricity in spin glasses.[6]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Francesco Guerra; Lon Rosen; Barry Simon (1975). "The P(φ)2 Euclidean quantum field theory as classical statistical mechanics". Annals of Mathematics, 101, 111–259.
  • Stefano Ghirlanda; Francesco Guerra (1998). "General properties of overlap probability distributions in disordered spin systems. Towards Parisi ultrametricity". Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 31, (46), 9149–9155.
  • Francesco Guerra; Fabio Toninelli (2002). "The thermodynamic limit in mean field spin glass models". Communications in Mathematical Physics, 230, (1), 71–79.
  • Francesco Guerra (2003). "Broken replica symmetry bounds in the mean field spin glass model". Communications in Mathematical Physics, 233, (1), 1–12.
  • Francesco Guerra; Nadia Robotti (2008). Ettore Majorana: Aspects of his Scientific and Academic Activity. Springer. ISBN 978-88-7642-331-4.
  • Francesco Guerra; Nadia Robotti (2017). The Lost Notebook of ENRICO FERMI: The True Story of the Discovery of Neutron-Induced Radioactivity. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-69254-8.


  • "Nessuno mi troverà" — a 2015 documentary directed by Egidio Eronico.


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