Francis Bacon Piano Company

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The Francis Bacon Piano Company
Formerly called
Dubois & Stodart
Bacon & Raven
Bacon & Karr
Fate Absorbed into Kohler & Campbell
Founded 1789 (1789) in New York City
Founders John Jacob Astor
Robert Stodart
William Dubois
Defunct 1934 (1934)
Products Pianos

The Francis Bacon Piano Company was established in New York in 1789 by John Jacob Astor, Robert Stodart, and William Dubois as Dubois & Stodart.[1] They produced player pianos, electric expression players, reproducing pianos, and grand pianos. Some were licensed under the Welte-Mignon patents. The pianos received many awards, including from the Franklin Institute State of Pennsylvania, Merchants Institute Fair of Washington, and the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. They were brought to the 1876 World's Fair in Philadelphia and at Chicago in 1908.[2] The company was eventually bought by Kohler & Campbell, which manufactured the brand until 1934.[1]


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