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Francis Coplan (Agent FX 18) is the fictional secret agent created by Paul Kenny, the nom de plume of Belgian authors Gaston Van den Panhuyse (1913-1995) and Jean Libert (1913-1981).


Francis Coplan was an electronics engineer recruited by the SDECE. From his first appearance in Fleuve Noir Sans Issue/No Exit in 1953 until Sales coup a Moscau Coplan in 1996, 237 novels of Coplan were written[1] using the name of Paul Kenny.[2] After the death of Libert, Van den Punhuyse carried on writing alone. After his death Serge Jacquemard took over until 1996.[3] Van den Punhyse and Libert also wrote 18 science fiction novels under the name "Jean-Gaston Vandel" for Fleuve Noir's "Anticipation" series from 1952-1956 until the success of Coplan led them to write his adventures on a full-time basis.[3]

By 1970, Coplan books were selling 3.5 million copies a year around the world.[4]


Television series[edit]

Coplan (fr) (1989) 5 episodes, with Philippe Caroit (fr)

Comic strips[edit]

Over 3,000 strips by Pol Greffiere (nom de plume of Pierre leGoff)[5]


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