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Francis Gentleman (1728-1784) was an Irish actor, poet, and dramatic writer of 18th century.[1] He wrote several plays, dramatic works, poems and editor of Shakspeare's plays for the stage - Biographia Dramatica.[2]


Born at York St., Dublin of Ireland on October 23, 1728. He received his education in Dublin and served in army till dismissed in 1748. Later, he indulged his inclination for the stage appearing in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, and many more. He first appeared in Thomas Southerne's stage play Oroonoko - in the character of Aboan. He started his career of writing for the stage in England, notably, tragic works like Sejanus and The Sultan of Love and Fame; and comedies like The Modish Wife and The Tobacconist. He died at the age of 56 on 21 December 1784.[2][3]


  • Sejanus in 1751.
  • A Trip to the Moon in 1765.
  • The Sultan of Love and Fame in 1770.
  • The Modish Wife in 1773.
  • The Dramatic Censor in 1770.
  • The Censor in 1770.
  • Tobacconist in 1771.[1][3]


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