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Francis Ariioehau Sanford (May 11, 1912 – December 21, 1996) was a French Polynesian politician.

Early life[edit]

Francis Sanford was of American ancestry, but born and educated in Papeete. He had teaching as his first career, but after 1932, he did some work in administrative services. During World War II he rallied the "Free French" and acted as liaison officer to the Americans in Bora Bora. After the war, he returned to education before becoming involved in politics.[1]

Political career[edit]

On 1965 he was elected mayor of Faa'a, and two years later, he became a deputy of the territorial assembly. He served in that post until 1978 and later, rose to be the President of French Polynesia's Council of Government. He is also the founder of Aia Api party. He retired from politics on 1985.[2]