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Francis Tuttle Technology Center
Rockwell Campus - 12777 North Rockwell Avenue
Portland/Bruce Gray Campus - 3500 North West 150th Street
Reno Campus - 7301 West Reno Avenue
Business Innovation Center - 2824 Progressive Drive
Melrose Program - 6111 North West 2nd Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
AuthorityCareerTech System
SuperintendentDr. Tom Friedemann

Francis Tuttle Technology Center is a public career and technology education center affiliated with the state of Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Francis Tuttle has a dual focus, serving both high school and adult students, and offers classes mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Francis Tuttle consists of three main campuses, Rockwell, Reno and Portland also known as the Bruce Gray Campus, located in North West Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Additionally, Francis Tuttle maintains two additional campuses, the Melrose Site and Business Innovation Center, located in North West Oklahoma City and Edmond, respectively.


Rockwell Campus[edit]

The Rockwell Campus is the Francis Tuttle's first campus. The campus contains 6 buildings including Administration, Campus Center, Project Hope, Information Technology, and Transportation Technology.

Portland Campus[edit]

The Portland Campus also known as the Bruce Gray Campus contains 1 building. This campus contains Oklahoma's largest satellite dish (11 inch in diameter). The building was purchased in 1995 and formerly housed the Wall Street Journal's regional production facility

Reno Campus[edit]

The Reno Campus contains 2 buildings. The campus opened in 2005 following an award-winning pace of construction.

Other Locations[edit]

The Business Innovation center provides a new, purpose-built environment in which Francis Tuttle can offer programs and services to students more efficiently while The Melrose Program contains the Young Probationers Construction Trades Program

High schools[edit]

The Center allows sophomore, junior, and senior high school students from six school districts to attend for free, providing programs in Cosmetology Culinary Arts, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Transportation Technology. It also features three academies, Biosciences and Medicine, Computer Science, and Pre-Engineering where students participate in advanced classes while preparing for college.

Biosciences and Medicine Academy[edit]

The Biosciences and Medicine Academy also known as BMSA is offered at the Rockwell Campus. Students take rigorous math and science combined with medically related classes including but not limited to Anatomy to prepare them for their college and career futures.

Computer Science Academy[edit]

The Computer Science Academy also known as CSA is offered at the Rockwell Campus in the Information Technology Building. Students take advanced math and science courses along with computer science related courses including but not limited to Java Programming, Computer Science Principals, Computer Science Applications, and Cyber Security.

Pre-Engineering Academy[edit]

The Pre-Engineering Academy also known as PEA is offered at the Portland/Bruce Gray Campus. Students take honors math and science classes as well as engineering related classes including but not limited to Principals of Engineering.

Adult / business community[edit]

Francis Tuttle offers career-specific business and industry training and consulting services. The offered to local businesses at nominal or no-cost. The general public is offered short-term training for career enhancement or leisure activities.

A number of courses are offered for continuing education in various professions, including real estate, and insurance. The Business & Industry Services team assists companies in developing training programs. The Government Contracting Assistance Program provides consulting services and training to aid companies in competing for government contracts. The Advanced Manufacturing Center provides programs for cross-training professionals in areas such as precision machining, instrumentation and control, welding and automated manufacturing.[1]

Academic oriented certificate programs are offered in construction, business management, insurance, hospitality, information technology, quality management, transportation and logistics. Other programs are offered in Computer Aided Manufacturing and Design, welding,


The technology center is named after Dr. Francis Tuttle, former Director of the State Department of Vocational and Technical Education in Oklahoma. Dr. Tuttle was a member of the Oklahoma CareerTech Hall of Fame class of 1990.[2]

Two former Francis Tuttle Tech superintendents, Bruce Gray and Kay Martin, have buildings named in their honor; the Bruce Gray Center located on the Portland Campus and the Kay Martin Center located on the Reno Campus.


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