Franco Burgersdijk

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Franco Burgersdijk.
Idea philosophiae naturalis
(Leiden, Elzevier, 1635)

Franco Petri Burgersdijk or Franciscus Burgersdicius, born Franck Pieterszoon Burgersdijk (3 May 1590 – 19 February 1635), was a Dutch logician.


Burgersdijk was born in De Lier. He was a student of Jacchaeus (Gilbert Jack).[1] Burgersdijk finished his studies at the University of Leiden in 1610. He left to further study theology at the University of Saumur, where he became professor of philosophy in 1614. After five years he returned to Leiden, where he accepted the chair of logic and moral philosophy, and afterwards that of natural philosophy. He died in Leiden.


Idea philosophiae moralis, 1644



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