Frank Cannella

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Frank Cannella
Frank Cannella Photo Feb2013.JPG
Born October 15, 1957
Nationality American
Occupation Businessman, philanthropist
Known for Cannella Response Television

Frank Cannella (born October 15, 1957) is a businessman and philanthropist,[1] known for his work in the infomercial industry.[2] In 1999 People Magazine labeled him as a pioneer in the infomercial industry and in April 2013 Cannella was inducted into the Direct Response Television Hall of Fame.[3][4] Cannella formed Cannella Response Television, which created the 1990s Tae Bo exercise video infomercials.[5]


In the 1980s Cannella worked with a Chicago advertising agency and focused his career predominantly on infomercials after completing a 1982 infomercial through the Chicago agency.[5] He relocated to Racine, Wisconsin and in 1984, formed Cannella Response Television.[6] The company is headquartered in Burlington, Wisconsin.[7][8] Cannella is an active philanthropist and public servant, working on projects such as providing Christmas gifts for needy children.[9] In 2006 Cannella won a Bravo! Entrepreneur Award for his work with Cannella Response Television.[10]


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remove this he never supported his own child, let alone provide a gift for her. He is not a philanthropist if he cannot provide for his own child

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