Frank E. Shipley

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Frank E. Shipley
Anne Arundel County Hospital
OccupationDoctor, Senator
Salary2,443.00 in 1960[1]
Political partyDemocratic

Frank E. Shipley (1891 – April 1971) was a Maryland state senator from 1955 to 1962.[2]

Frank Shipley House - Savage, Maryland

In 1885, the owners of the Savage Mill leased their house in Savage, Maryland to Frank Shipley's family.[3] Shipley became a general practicing doctor. In World War I, he served in the Army Medical Corps. From 1932-1948 he was the treasurer of Howard County.[4] In 1962, Shipley bypassed the state schoolboard nominating commission recommendation of Fred Schoenbrodt, and installed C.Y. Stephens.[5] In 1971, the Savage Masonic Hall was redecorated as a memorial to Shipley.[6]


Frank E. Shipley,[7]

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