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Frank Iodice
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Frank Iodice is an Italian writer.


Frank Iodice was born in Naples, Italy,[1] and he has since split his time living between Italy, France, and the United States.[2]


Iodice is known for basing his literary works on experiences he has had while travelling internationally.[1] His fiction is also known for focusing on the human condition and internal dialogue of emotions.[1] He has written books in both the Italian and French languages, with those books then being translated into further languages after his initial publications,[3] including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.[2]


In 2003 he released his novel Anne et Anne, which centers on the theme of seduction.[4] In 2006 he published the short story collection La fabbrica delle ragazze,[1] and he later published an additional collection in 2014 entitled La Catedral del tango.[5] In 2011 Iodice published his work Kindo – La folle vita di uno scrittore, a novel based upon a male protagonist who is bewitching to women yet cannot be tempted by their wiles.[6] The following year, in 2012, he then released his book Acropolis.[5] In 2013 he then published his work I disinnamorati, a police mystery.[7][8] In 2014 he released his book Le api di ghiaccio, a novel based upon the fictional travels and adventures of psychiatrist Marcel Fontaine while trying to find a missing elderly patient alongside the patient’s daughter.[9]

In 2014 he travelled to Montevideo, Uruguay to begin researching a book that would become the book Breve dialogo sulla felicità, which centers on the life of former Uruguayan President José “Pepe” Mujica.[10][11] Ten thousand copies of the book were printed and distributed for free to local school children.[12] In between this time he also published the books Un perfetto idiota in 2017,[13] as well as the 2018 books Matroneum[5] and La meccanica dei sentimenti.[12]


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