Frank L. Gillespie

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Frank L. Gillespie
Frank L. Gillespie.jpg
Gillespie in 1925
BornNovember 8, 1876
Osceola, Arkansas
DiedMay 8, 1925
Chicago Illinois
ResidenceChicago, Illinois

Frank L. Gillespie (November 8, 1876 - May 8, 1925) was a businessman who created the first African American-owned life insurance agency outside of the U.S. southern states.[1][2] Gillespie had been an agent at Royal Life Insurance Company, a white-owned insurance agency, working in the "department for colored people" and noticed his customers were offered "inferior products."[3][2] He met with a group of prominent black businessmen in Chicago and they worked together to create an insurance company catering towards Chicago's professional African American population.[1]

His company, originally called Liberty Life Insurance—later called Supreme Liberty Life Insurance Company and finally Supreme Life Insurance Company—was incorporated in 1919 in Chicago.[2] and offered whole life insurance to individuals, not just industrial policies.[4][3] Gillespie worked hard to hire and train well-educated black agents, though sometimes he had to rely on part-timers who also worked in the postal service or the ministry.[1] The company's headquarters, the Supreme Life Building, was built in 1921 by architect Albert Anis and is a designated Chicago landmark.[5] Gillespie died as he was setting up the National Insurance Association, a professional association of black insurance firms.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Gillespie was the son of Charles and Mary (Felton) Gillespie.[6] He was married to Edreaner Poree of New Orleans, Louisiana. They had two children.[1]


By 1960, Supreme was the third largest life insurance company in the United States owned by African Americans.[7] The Gillespie Technology Magnet Cluster School in Chicago is named in his honor."[3]


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