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Frank La Rocca
Frank La Rocca.

Frank La Rocca (born in 1951 in New Jersey) American Composer.


Frank La Rocca was born in 1951 in New Jersey. He studied at Yale and at the University of California at Berkeley. His early musical experiences ranged from classical piano to playing electronic keyboards in various rock and blues bands. He began composing at age 14. His teachers included Edwin Dugger, Olly Wilson, Andrew Imbrie, Jonathan Kramer, Frank Lewin and John Mauceri. He has received grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council, and a Young Composers Award from ASCAP.[1]

Trained as an academic modernist during his degree studies at Yale and University of California, Berkeley, La Rocca came to see this approach as a barrier to authentic musical expression, and spent many years in search of a personal creative language. [2]

He thinks of his (especially choral) music as a contribution to new evangelization and regards himself as an apologist for a distinctively Christian faith –not through direct persuasion, but through the beauty of music[3]

La Rocca has been awarded several times for outstanding achievements as a professor of music California State University, East Bay.

La Rocca’s music has been performed in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Uganda. Performers include the California Symphony, Oakland Symphony, Lumen Valo, soprano Christine Brandes, Strata, Artists Vocal Ensemble, Young Women's Chorus of San Francisco, Cathedral Choral Society, San Francisco Girls Chorus, Prague Radio - Choir and Orchestra, Alexander String Quartet and others . His music is published by Boosey & Hawkes, Walton Music, Santa Barbara Music Publishers and Lumen Verum Music.

He is recorded on Enharmonic Records, CRI, CRS, SCI, and ERM Media.

Frank La Rocca taught theory and composition at California State University, East Bay from 1981-2014.

Choral - Works[edit]

  • Anima Christi (2014) for Choir SSATBB
  • Tread Softly (2014) for Choir SSAATB
  • Ego Sum Pastor Bonus (2013) for Choir SATB
  • Diffusa Est Gratia (2012) SATB choir
  • Ave Maris Stella (2012) for Women's Choir
  • Nunc Dimittis (2012) for Women's Choir
  • O Sacrum Convivium (2011) for Choir SATB†
  • Iam Lucis Orto Sidere (2010) for Women's Choir
  • Credo (2010) for Choir SATB†
  • Ave Maria (2009) for Choir SATB
  • The Divine Image (2008) for Choir SSAATTBB
  • Ave Verum Corpus (2008) for Choir SATB
  • Alleluia (2007) for Choir SATB, Organ and Brass (ad lib.)
  • O Eve (2007) for Choir SATB and SSAA
  • Cantate Domino (2006) for Choir SATB and Orchestra (or Organ)
  • Sicut Cervus (2005) for Choir SATB
  • O Nata Lux (2005) for Choir SATB and String Orchestra
  • Resurrection Prelude (2005), for Choir SATB, Organ, Brass, and Timpani
  • Miserere (2004) for Choir SATB†
  • Echo (2004) for Women’s Choir
  • O Magnum Mysterium (2003) for Choir SATB†
  • Ubi Caritas (2003) for Choir SATB
  • O Vos Omnes (2003) for Choir SATB
  • Eli, Eli (2003) for Choir SATB and Organ
  • Magnificat (2002) for Women’s Choir
  • Psalm 23 (2002) for Choir SATB
  • Expectavi Dominum (2001) for mixed Choir†
  • In the Beginning (2000) for mixed Choir
  • Exaudi (1998) for mixed Choir

†recorded on Enharmonic CD 12-025 "IN THIS PLACE"

Liturgical Works[edit]

  • Missa Papae Benedicti XVI (2012) SATB choir and organ
  • Missa Cordi Sacro (2010) SATB choir and organ
  • Ego Sum Pastor Bonus (2013) for Choir SATB
  • In the Splendor of the Holy Ones (2013) SATB choir
  • Behold, a Virgin Shall Conceive (2013) SATB choir
  • This is the Body (2013) SATB choir
  • He Who Ponders the Law of the Lord (2013) SATB choir
  • Christ, our Passover (2013) SATB choir
  • Laudate Dominum (2013) SATB choir
  • Diffusa Est Gratia (2012) SATB choir
  • O Sacrum Convivium (2011) for Choir SATB
  • Ave Verum Corpus (2008) for Choir SATB
  • Sicut Cervus (2005) for Choir SATB
  • Miserere (2004) for Choir SATB†
  • O Magnum Mysterium (2003) for Choir SATB†

Chamber music[edit]

  • Veni Sancte Spiritus (2001) for Soprano, Clarinet, Baroque String Quartet†
  • In This Place (2000) for Clarinet, Violin and Piano†

†recorded on Enharmonic CD 12-025 "IN THIS PLACE"

  • FourPlay (1997) for String Quartet
  • Meditation (1991) Piano solo
  • Divertimento (1990) for two pianos
  • Secret Thoughts (1986) for Cello solo

Recorded on CRI SD 567

  • Canti d'Innocenza (1984) for Soprano, Clarinet, Harp and Vibraphone

Recorded on CRS 8944.

  • Frammenti (1983) for Piano solo
  • Duo Lirico (1982) for Violin and Viola
  • String Trio (1981) for Violin, Viola and Cello

Recorded on CRI SD 567

  • Fantasy for Violin and Piano (1979)
  • Phoenix (1976) for Clarinet, String Quartet, Piano and Percussion
  • Night Music (1975) for Violin and Piano

Major Vocal Works[edit]

  • A Rose in Winter - the life of St. Rita of Cascia (2015) for chorus, orchestra, soloists and organ, libretto by Matthew Lickona 90'
  • In a Dark Time (1989) for Choir SATB and Chamber Ensemble 20'
  • The Pure Fury (1988) for Tenor and large Chamber Ensemble 25'

Orchestra Works[edit]

  • Veni Sancte Spiritus (2001) for Soprano, Clarinet and String Orchestra
  • While Orpheus Dreamed (1998) for Orchestra
  • The Right Road Lost (1996) for large Orchestra
  • Crossing the Rubicon (1994) for Orchestra
  • No Strings (1993) for Symphonic Band
  • The Pure Fory (1989) for Tenor and Chamber Orchestra
  • Chen (1977) Prologue for Orchestra

Electronic Music, Film Music[edit]

  • Labyrinth (1977) for tape
  • Newsical Muse (1975) contributor to Live-Radio Theater piece by Neil B. Rolnick
  • Emergency (1974) Music for a Documentary Film
  • Krystallos (1973) Music for a Documentary Film

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