Frank Ripploh

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Frank Ripploh
1986 Frank Ripploh 800.jpg
Ripploh in 1986.
Born 2 September 1949
Rheine, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany (now Rheine, Germany)
Died 24 June 2002(2002-06-24) (aged 52)
Rheine, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Cause of death Cancer
Occupation Film director, writer, actor
Notable work Taxi zum Klo

Frank Ripploh (September 2, 1949 – June 22, 2002) was a German actor, film director, and author. He is best remembered for his semi-autobiographical 1980 film Taxi zum Klo. The film, produced on a shoestring budget of 100,000 DM, explored the day-to-day life of a Berlin schoolteacher who also led a very active gay sex life. Extremely explicit for its day, and for some time afterward (to the point where the film was not passed uncut by the British Board of Film Classification until 2011[1]), Taxi zum Klo was considered groundbreaking for the subject matter it portrayed, and achieved something of a cult status among gay audiences of the time. In 1987, Ripploh directed a sequel entitled Taxi nach Kairo, but the film was not considered as successful as its predecessor,[2] and it was not released outside of Germany.

Ripploh also participated in the creation of a small number of other art house films during the 1980s, and had a role in the 1982 movie Querelle directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Ripploh died of cancer in 2002.


Year Title Role Notes
1974 Axel von Auersperg Äxel von Auersperg Television film
1975 Monolog eines Stars Lehrer Television film
1975 Die Betörung der blauen Matrosen Die griechische Gott-Tunte
1980 Taxi zum Klo Frank Ripploh Also director and writer
1982 Kamikaze 1989 Gangster
1982 Querelle Bertrunkener Legionär
1986 Niko: aus der Grosse zu den Sternen Stefan
1987 Taxi Nach Kairo Frank Ripploh Also director and writer


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