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Frank Sweet
Born 7 March 1988 (1988-03-07) (age 29)
Melbourne, Australia
Parent(s) Gary Sweet, Jill Miller

Frank Sweet (born 7 March 1988) is an Australian actor and musician.

Sweet made his film debut as Marcus in 2:37, which was released on 17 August 2006. The son of veteran actor Gary Sweet, he was born in Adelaide and is currently based in Melbourne. Frank and Skye Harbour won MTV Australia's 'Kickstart' competition for unsigned bands, and were flown to Sydney for the 2008 ARIA awards.[1]

Producers of the Channel 7 hit Dancing with the Stars considered including a "father-son twist" between Frank and Gary in the Season Five lineup, but Frank was ultimately dropped before production. However, the network's publicity manager is quoted as saying "He's definitely someone who is on the Seven radar."

[2] According to the Adelaide Advertiser, "Rumour has it the star has scored a small speaking role as a mechanic on Channel 9 drama McLeod's Daughters."[3] Frank also recently appeared in a guest role on Channel 7's crime show 'City Homicide' as Aaron Linton.[4]

Currently starring as Billy Fischer in Channel 9's Fat Tony & Co. TV miniseries which focuses on Tony Mokbels part in the ten year Underbelly war.


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